Weighing Indicator

HGX 1000 Weighing Indicator

With its privileged aluminum frame and included 3 digital inputs / 2 relay outputs feature, the ability to communicate with PC and PLC systems HGX-1000 is a high precision digital indicator, which can be utilized in packing, dosing, tank weighing, silo weighing, etc.

Technical specifications

  • Easy to read with 20 mm 5 digit 7 segment display
  • High accuracy ,high speed
  • 3 internal relay outputs
  • 3 internal digital inputs
  • Automatic or manual zeroing
  • Counter option
  • 20 Recipes / 6 processes
  • Full, Empty and I/O indication LED’s
  • Calibration via keypad
  • RS232 serial output
  • Power down data protection
  • Adjustable digital signal filtering
  • Full scale zeroing

Analog inputs

DC 5V Loadcell excitation

8 units 350 ohm loadcell can be connected

± 80 mV input range

0.5µV/digit input resolution

5nV/ºC Zero stability

2 ppm/ ºC span stability

230.000 ADC count

1/20.000 display resolution

5 level digital fitler


Weigh indication with 5 digit 20mm 7 segment LED display

3mm green LEDs for empty and full state indication

3mm red LEDs for digital input indication

Digital inputs / relay outputs

3 opto-isolated digital inputs. DC 8-18 V

AC 220V / 7A relay outputs

Power Source

220 VAC / 50 Hz / 10 Watt

Line fitler


0-10 V / 4-20mA analog output

RS485 Serial Output

Remote display option

BCD/Binary output

8 digital I/O

Second analog input